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Sonography (Ultrasound) is a sound-based medical imaging technique that is used to evaluate the organs and tissues of the body, including pregnancy. It has been used in medicine for more than 50 years, and has become one of the most widely used diagnostic tools in modern medicine. It is a relatively inexpensive medical procedure with no known risk to the patient.

During an ultrasound examination, sound waves are applied to the body, and a special computer changes these sound waves into pictures, that depict what the body looks like. The pictures are used by doctors and other medical practitioners to evaluate their patients various conditions and disease processes.

A sonographer is a medical imaging specialist who uses sound waves (ultrasound )to obtain images of the body for interpretation by a Radiologist.  Sonographers at Aylmer Ultrasound are highly qualified, highly experienced, and are certified by the Canadian and American registries, and are members of the College of Medical Radiation Technologists) They are also certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation to perform the Enhanced First Trimester Screen (eFTS) measurements in pregnancy. They meet and maintain high standards in continuing medical education yearly.

A radiologist is a medical doctor who has dedicated his/her specialty to medical imaging. They are experts in the science of evaluating the body using various imaging tools such as Ultrasound, CT, MRI and X-rays. They meet and maintain high levels of education as expected by their national and provincial governing bodies. Our radiologist will review the images taken by the sonographer, and provide an interpretation to your doctor/nurse practitioner/midwife to aid in your diagnosis or assessment.

Food in the digestive tract causes the ultrasound images to be of poor or non-diagnostic quality, resulting in limited information provided to your doctor. If your preparation specifies “fasting” – no food is to be taken prior to your exam. Small sips of water may be taken to relieve thirst.

The bladder is like a balloon within the pelvis. When it is fully distended, it provides a “window” into the pelvis so that the uterus, ovaries, and surrounding structures can be evaluated. Do your best to be as full as possible for your examination, by following the preparation as listed here in our “preparation” menu, or on the back of the requisition.

No, there is no child care provided during your examination. Bring along another adult to stay with your children while you are having your Ultrasound.

Most ultrasound exams take between 15 and 30 minutes.

We attempt to have reports to the ordering practitioner in 2 business days. It is your responsibility to follow up with your doctor to obtain the results of the ultrasound. The sonographer will not share diagnostic information with you at the time of the examination.

Depending on many factors such as the age of the baby, and its position, sometimes it is possible to determine the sex while in utero. If you wish to know your baby’s gender, the sonographer will attempt to evaluate the fetus for this information, and results will be included in the report to the ordering practitioner. You must be 20 weeks or more to determine the gender.

A picture of the baby is a wonderful keepsake of the baby, and we will make every effort to provide you with the best picture possible, at no charge. This also will depend on the age and position of the baby.

Patients are welcome to have family members join them in the examining room when the picture is being taken.

These patients will need to pay for their examinations on the day of service. Fees are as outlined in the OHIP Schedule of Benefits, and range between $50 and $200.

For more information regarding the fees due for your specific examination, call our direct line at 519-773-3683.
Cash or cheque only.


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